An rss reader that mimics the interface of the NYTimes Chrome app ( ).

My version is here:

PHP SQL Query Builder

An open source, project written in PHP for creating SQL queries using OOP instead of writing sql out by hand.

The plan is to have it handle multiple database types (postgres, mysql, sqlite), and allow the programmer to write his code without having to worry about compatibility.

The project is also being written using tdd.

Find it on github:

Halifax Garbage Maps

Note: This map is rough, I make no guarantee that these maps are accurate. You can contact me if you find any mistakes though!


A website built to let you more easily find a person to lend money to on It uses an older version of ShoestringPHP for the backend, and jQuery and the kiva api for the front end.

valums file-uploader

A javascript uploader that supports drag and drop, and can submit the file via xhr or hidden iframes (depending on the browser’s capabilities). I contributed php classes to this project.

articulate comments

A Wordpress Plugin allows visitors to draw comments on your posts, rather than type them. Drawing tools include colour and brush size selection. Uses jQuery, php, and Raphaël.js
Beta Demo:


A jQuery plugin built to mimic the blue screen of death (and various other death screens) in your browser. It uses os detection and it also employs link sniffing to see if it can ‘blame’ a site for the crash.


A webapp that lets you build comps for your clients, add comments to them, and rate them before you get to the point where you need to build them. Built with CodeIgniter (php), and jQuery.


A small flexible php framework built to better understand the MVC pattern and learn more about PHP. Migrated to github so that I could also use it to learn git.

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